About Literal Gemini

What is "Literal Gemini" about?

Literal Gemini.com is mostly about me, my life, my body and of course


But be warned!!!

The occasional opinion piece, personal piece and "just because" piece may pop up now and then.

Describe Jen L. in 3 words or less:

Honest, Opinionated, Kind.

Describe LiteralGemini.com in 3 words or less:

Fashion, Honesty and Education

So, What make Jen L. different from other bloggers?

I have opinions and I am not afraid to share them.

But, please be clear that I don't do so in a way that may hurt someone's feelings. That is never my aim  Yet, I do enjoy civil conversations about controversial subjects. As long as all opinions are respected, even if disagreed with.

Also, I'm not afraid to go against the grain. when others may think things are trendy or popular or useful, I don't take their opinion too seriously until I've personally had an experience with whatever they are or are not promoting.

What makes LiteralGemini.com different from other blogs?

To be honest, I may not be that different from a lot of blogs.

But I do try to make all my posts meaningful. There is usually background stories in my postings, as I don't see this site as being just about the fashion, but also the story behind the clothes and the person wearing them.

Who is LiteralGemini.com geared toward?

I welcome EVERYONE to tune in, read, enjoy and comment with RESPECT.

But I guess my main audience would be those individuals who either have accepted their bodies or are working on accepting their bodies, and want inspiration from and information about how I live my life.

Even thought this IS a plus size blog, as I am plus size, I consider this also a size acceptance blog. So rude and mean-spirited comments are not allowed. Controversial comments ARE allowed. Keep in mind, there is a BIG difference between the two.

So, in conclusion

I consider myself a drummer girl, who marches to the beat of her own drum.

So, if you are so inclined, feel free to come join me in my celebration march for being different, being fabulous and being real!!

Thanks for reading!!


Jen L

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