Thursday, August 8, 2013

Honestly, What's So Special About BeauCoo?

Okay, honestly I am still trying to figure out what is so special about Beau Coo.

You know, the one that must be "paying" fashion bloggers to basically say how much they love the app and blah blah blah....

Well, after seeing this hype for about the 4th time, I finally decided to try it out myself...

Let's just say, I was frustrated.


The View From My Computer Screen and Some Pics I was able to finally upload..

First off, you can't upload pictures from your computer. You can only upload them from your phone...

Ohhh -kaaayy. So basically Beau Coo is trying to become a bootleg instagram...

What am I supposed to do if I don't have someone to take a picture of me for me? Constantly do selfies in the mirror?

Well this is supposed to be a community where you can find people with similar measurements as you, and be able to see how clothes drape their bodies.

But if everyone is posing in front of a mirror, you're never going to be able to get a good view of the garment..

To fix this, I ended up emailing myself pictures from my computer and opening the email up from my phone. But that got REAL annoying, REAL quick. I don't see myself doing that on a continuing basis.

Secondly, you can only "tag" one item per photo.

Beau Coo makes you have to choose an item, either a top, bottom or full body, and then you have to put in the size and what store and what brand it is. I tried to put in the wording "various stores", but then it asked me for a website. So I just chose one and listed it. Otherwise, it wouldn't let me post (very misleading for people who like something you have).

Beau Coo does give you a pretty lengthy comment section, so I just put the details of the outfit in the comments.

It makes me wonder if the bloggers that recommended Beau Coo did their homework and looked into the site first. I mean, why can you only upload from a phone? It isn't like instagram where you take pictures of things around town. It is all about clothes. and in order to see the clothes you need a good clear photo. Not one taken in a mirror.

I really don't see anything special about Beau Coo except that you can search by your measurements.

But the quality of the pictures aren't all that good (think mirror selfies) and not that many people have posted yet. When I searched for people similar to my measurements, I found three people and only four pictures in total and none of the outfit were something I'd want to wear, so the search was completely pointless.

 So basically, I really don't see Beau Coo as being worth the space on your phone. But if you enjoy feeding into the hype, don't let my humble opinion keep you from trying

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