Friday, August 9, 2013

Tame The Wild Pink Beast

I ordered this dress from the straight size section of Asos.

It fit wonderfully except for one aspect it  looks longer in the picture than it is in real life.
It barely covered my bum.

This isn't new to me. Skirts and Dresses on me are typically longer in the front and shorter in the back due to my voluptuous behind!!So I paired it with cropped leggings and pink heels.

The sleeves on this dress are gorgeous.

If you under arm flab you are self-conscious about, the way the sleeves are shown, it diguises that but still lets you show some arm.

Only thing is, when you put your hands on you hips, your arm fall out!

I wore a skinny black belt just to break up the pink, but you can't really see is so I guess is didn't matter.

I wore pink perforated hells by Enzo Anglioni.

Absolutely love these heels, but since I don't have much pink in my closet I very rarely get to wear them

For your viewing pleasure, a glimpse of the back
 (I have no clue why I took this pictures)

Thanks for readnng... Try to comment when you can, I enjoy your opiniond!!
Jen L 

Dress/Top: Asos (straigt size 14) / Leggings:  INC via Macys /Shoes: Enxo Anglioni via Nordstrom

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