Thursday, August 8, 2013

Thumbs Up Thursday: Working Moms

Today's Thumbs Up Goes Out To Working Moms.

It is hard being a working mother... I know... because I am one... (or at least was one - more on that HERE)

For single Moms, and married Moms who feel single...

It is YOU who has to leave work early because the baby is sick. 

YOU who has to take the day off because the baby has a doctor's appointment and the doctor's office isn't open on weekends. 

YOU who has to hoard your vacation days because your not sure when you'll have to use them for one of the above incidents.

In general, working Mom's are some of the hardest working people on the planet. They bring home the bacon and cook it, too!

When they are sick, a lot of times, there is no husband, boyfriend, partner to take over Mommy duty while they get well. Mom just has to suck it up, get everyone ready for school and move the eff on...

While childless co-workers luxuriously take weeks off at a time, and come back rejuvenated and refreshed, bragging about their Safari's in Africa or their walking tours in Egypt, the working  mother, relishes the occasional summer when relatives (or even MIA fathers/mothers) decide they wouldn't mind taking the child(ren) off their hands for a few days.

But what does the working mother usually do with this downtime? Take off and go on vacation? Usually not.

Usually this time is used to clean the house, or catch up on work... and we oddly label this "me" time...

Very rarely do we as working mothers actually take time for ourselves without feeling at least a wee bit guilty... and those that do take time without the guilt, are usually labeled "selfish" and "self-centered". 

We are guilted into thinking that every waking moment not spent with her child, is a moment that she will miss forever and ever and EVER!!!!!!!  But then guilted into thinking time spent at home is less time spent at work which means more likely that we'll get passed over for that big promotion/project/opportunity... 

As working Moms, we will NEVER feel like we've ever spent enough time with our child and We will NEVER feel like we've put our all into our work... We will always think (and be pushed into believing that) we are lacking in some way.

Just know, it just isn't possible to have it all. Regardless of how rich you are and how many nannies you can buy, someone or something always suffers. Whether it's the job or the house.

I wish I had some words of wisdom, or some great advice to give, but I don't. So, thumbs up to all the working Mom out there. 

It may not be possible to have it all, but we sure do come close!!


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