Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Shiny Like A Star In The Galaxy - Does That Even Make Sense?

Today was another bus and train day.

I am beginning to not loathe the bus as much as I used to.

My father joked that as long as I didn't take the bus going down 7th street (aka Georgia Ave) I should be fine. (Shout out to DC Public Transportation!!)

Apparently, there were a lot of homeless people and people a little off their rocker on that line. (No offense to people "off their rocker", as I could be categorized as one of those crazies as well.)

So, luckily I didn't have to take that line. But I knew I'd have a lot of walking to do, so I wanted to be relatively comfortable (but still cute of course!). So, I decided to go with flats again today, opting for my shiny raspberry "studded" flats from Payless. (Don't sleep on Payless!!)

 Contrary to what I normally do, I actually picked out my outfit before I picked out my shoes. I knew what top I wanted to wear, and put it on, hoping that I had some shoes to match... The top I picked out what this galaxy printed swing tank from Asos' straight size line. I knew it would fit big, so I had no qualms about ordering it. I really wanted to wear it ever since I got it, but for whatever reason, just never put it on.

Don't you just love the print! It is called Star Gazer.

It was actually supposed to be a dress, and I guess if you didn't mind it being so short, it could be worn as a dress,

BUT personally I # 1) enjoy my modesty and # 2) don't want my lady bits touching anything on public I opted to wear it as a top and wear cropped zippered leggings with it.

I like how it turned out.

Why am I not SMILING??

I grabbed my Coach bag which matched and is big enough to hold practically EVERYTHING...

I admitted haven't really used this bag much this summer not only because of my fear of getting it dirty but mainly just because it has been hidden behind all the other bags on my wall.

Can you find the multi-colored Coach bag????

I wore dangly silver beaded earrings (which I didn't take a picture of) and my "LOVE" necklace, which I absolutely adore but don't get to wear that often. (For some reason, it doesn't really go with a lot of stuff - not sure why)

So basically this is what I wore to waste approximately 5 hours of my life on public transportation. Joy!

Dress/Top: Asos (Straight sizes) / Cropped Leggings: Lane Bryant / Studded Flats: Payless

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