Thursday, August 8, 2013

What I Want Be Today: A School Counselor

So, yeah...I was riding the train, reading the newspaper when I saw an ad for a Graduate school that offered classes that would help you in becoming  a:

I was immediately intrigued.

"I could do that" I thought.

But then my mind started going over different scenarios of how stress might factor into that job.

Sad/Bad kids, Nosy/Gossipy co-workers, Belligerent/Abusive parents, Horrible boss, Sucky pay...

Oh man oh man.... doesn't sound so good anymore, does it?

I mean, out of all the important jobs there is to be had, being a teacher is one of the top most important. Everyone needs a teacher. Teachers are a necessity in this society.

Why then do they get paid the least amount of money??

Well, even though it would be a considerable drop in pay that I am used to,  I am still considering it.

I may have to get a night job stripping or something (LOL - you've heard of teachers who do that right?)...

No, but really, I'd have to consider my financial situation, and mental situation,  before delving into a career as thankless as a school counselor.

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