Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Am Not A Goth: Why Do I Love Studs and Spikes So Much?


Shoes: Report by Nordstom / Satchel: Steve by Steve Madden / Skirt: Domino Dollhouse /
Blouse (actually dress: via Nordstrom Rack / Spiked Collar: Domino Dollhouse

I absolutely love, Love, LOVE this skirt from Domino Dollhouse.  It has got a wet/leather look to it AND ir has pockets!! It is going to be perfect for fall (which this outfit kind of reminds me of)

I am also in love with this spiked collar, which I wish I could wear with everything. 
I also adore this studded satchel I got from Nordstrom!!

Can we just say I adore my outfit today?? It just has so many elements that I love.

Studs (Purse) Spikes (Collar & Shoes) Leather look alike (skirt) and Intricate Design (Blouse/Dress)

 I decided to wear flats, simply because none of my heels did the skirt justice.

I wanted to wear a spiked or studded shoe, but I don't think I have any heels with spikes or studs. So I settled on these.

I really enjoyed this outfit today... It is kind of plain but the texture of the skirt, and the spikes on the collar and shoes amp it up a bit.

I wish you could get a better look at the skirt and it's details. It is an absolutely fabulous skirt, well-made and I couldn't wait to wear it.

The best part of this outfit is how classic in nature it looks, until you look closer.

You realize the collar is covered with little silver spikes. The neckline of the shirt is unbuttoned pretty low, the skirt is in a wet look (almost leather looking) material...

It is just really fun wearing this.

I love cross-body bags. I am not that big a fan of clutches when I go somewhere, because they just aren't practical. I may bring a clutch when I go somewhere fancier than to the store. But when I have errands to run, cross-body is the way to go...

Thanks for reading...

Jen L.

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