Friday, August 9, 2013

Just Had To Brag: Shoes Harnesses * Updated*

Today in the mail I received my shoe harnesses from Dear Bearcat on Etsy.

They are GOR-GE-OUS aren't!!!

I couldn't wait to put them on and see what types of shoes they would be best with.

This is how they looked on the site

This is what they look like on me!




Unfortunately, the chain that goes under the shoe and harnesses it to your ankle isn't quite long enough to fit around the low heel. For some reason, I could get the chains to buckle, but I felt like it was putting too much strain on the chain and I don't want it to break.

On the high heel I was able to buckle the chain under the shoe. It wasn't as loose as in the picture, but I didn't mind. I am assuming I was able to buckle it because my foot was at a different angle.

So, how fabulous are these????

You think this will be a new trend? Or is it a trend that is already happening that I am completely unaware of?


I found some other shops that do shoe harnesses and shoe anklets on Etsy.  Just thought I'd give them a shout out..

My Beloved Dear BearCat

UrbanEcoBeauty sells shoe harnesses, body harnesses and head/hair jewelry made from gold chains. They are gorgeous. Below are some of the more intricate ones, which also happen to be my favorites:

 (UP) Same Harness just worn a different way (DOWN)


Nightingale Workshop

Each shop also sell's some pretty cool stuff like body chains, arm and leg chains and funky jewelry.

I suggest you take a look and see if there is anything you like. The owner of Dear BearCat worked with me to customize the chain to fit my ankle. I am sure the other shop owners would be more than happy to do that as well..

Happy Shopping!!

Jen L

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