Monday, August 5, 2013

I Am Not A Model - Nor Do I Want To Be

This is a lazy post where I basically critique all of  my pictures for no other reason than to have something to write in between them.

Me without any makeup and with my glasses on...
My face is intent on breaking out, so I am trying to keep it as clean as possible until it clears up.
Man I need to do my eyebrows!
Why is my hair always sideways like that??

My Initials Necklace!! I'm so excited!!
This doesn't annoy me at all!

Me with a shiny forehead...ugh!!
Doing the typical plus size blogger pose.
(Hands on hips, legs crossed,) Except I'm not smiling..

Me a little more relaxed... still not smiling...
(I thought I was!)

Again, typical plus size blogger pose.
This time I have a hint of a smile
(Why is smiling so hard for me?)

Shoes from the front

Shoes from the side

Basically it was another bus and train day.
So I wanted to wear something cute, but comfortable.

I love wedges although apparently they are the shoes guys hate the most 
(this was based on a real study - so guys actually do pay attention to our shoes!!)

I hate not having my license...
(click here for a post that explains what happened.).
I got a call from the DMV today and basically, as soon as I get all my information in (Medical records, Notes from my Doctors) it could take anywhere from 4 to 6 weeks for them to make a decision!!

Ughhhhhhhhhhh, I'm dying inside...

The only thing that is not so bad is DC has an awesome train and bus system.
So it isn't that bad of a situation.

I WANT to DRIVE my new CAR!!!

Oh, the irony..


Outfit Deets:

Cold Shoulder Tee: Asos Curve / Red Pencil Skirt: Asos Maternity/ Shoes: Ruby & Bloom (via Nordstrom)/ Initial Necklace: / Silver Cuff: Lane Bryant

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