Sunday, August 4, 2013

Shoes For Larger Size Feet

As an FYI, I wear a size 12, yet I have well over 300 pairs of shoes.

No, they are not all from Payless.

So, where do I shop, you ask? Well that is what this post is all about..

This is an actual  picture of some of my shoes.
I couldn't get the picture wide enough to get them all.

Okay, after reading this article on written by Marianne Kirby of (or @therotund on twitter), I was excited to get some insight on more shoe stores that carry a 12 and above.

She asked the readers to list their favorite shoe store in the comments, and I quickly grabbed my notepad and pen and scrolled down preparing to be overwhelmed with joy.

Unfortunately, there were so many comments (most which either did not list a store or listed the same store as the person above them) that I couldn't really keep up. I was not going to go through every single comment and converstation being had on that page.

So I decided instead, I would just put the names of stores I know that carry size 12 and/or above, and then hope that anyone who reads this, will add to it in the comments where I will then actually go through them and update this list regularly.

I might even add a tab called "Shoes" to the header.

Anyway, below (in no particular order as of now) are links to the stores I know carry my size, and perhaps (hopefully) your size as well.

So have fun and Good Luck!!

Also leave a comment if there is someone/somewhere I've missed. Thanks

Shoes Of Prey



Payless (Don't sleep on the Brash and Christian Siriano lines - Fab!)

DSW (not may 12's or above, but they do carry them)

Zappos (free shipping and returns)






Bergdorf Goodman

Stuart Weitzman

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