Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Things Happen In Fives - Threes Or Whatever

A smile, that is something I need right about now.

I've got so much stuff going on, you'd think I was cursed.

1) My Ex just served me with papers asking to modify (read: lower) his monthly pittance of a child support payment. This pisses me off because, although I do admit I have a shopping problem,  150% of the child support (that he actually pays) goes towards my son...

Private Saxophone Lessons, the Saxophone rental, Summer Camp, Karate, Soccer, etc. etc.

He hardly pays anything now, he is over $2,500 in arrears, so it just perturbs me to no end that he has the nerve to want to lower what he doesn't even pay....

2) In case I didn't mention it before, the reason I got a new car is because I totaled my old one. Yeah, it was a one-man crash (thankfully) but the car was DOA.

3) I just received notice from the Motor Vehicle Department that my license has been temporarily suspended pending a review by the Medical Advisory Board. This is because of me totaling my car (the old one, not the new one).  Thank God the only thing that was hurt in the crash was my ego. It hurts my heart and bubbles my stomach to think if my son were in the car.... So, to get my license back, I have to be reviewed by a doctor, a psychiatrist and a judge...

So, basically, I have to prove that me and my driving are not hazards to the community, and that the cop that sent in the request to suspend my license has no idea what he is talking about.

Perfect timing to have a new car, am I right?

4) I have been out of work for a little over a year, and I have basically run through my savings. So, when I said I was broke before, now I am saying I am broke, BROKE now... I have about 5 months of savings left and then I am destitute.

5) My "NEW" pre-owned car has an oil leak... GREAT!!! So pending another look by the garage I sent it to,  I might have to get the oil pan changed since there is apparently a tear in it due to some sort of object that I ran over. This is gonna cost me around $300 - $400 dollars.. (Ha Ha Ha...you think I'm joking, right, well, I'm not). Plus, the warranty doesn't cover damage caused by "collisions" or "road debris" or "vandalism". So, I'm stuck with the bill.

What the hell is going on with my life right now??

All I can do is just pray. Because apparently, anytime I try to do anything besides that, I just add to the damage...

This is ridiculous...


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