Friday, July 12, 2013

Android App Obsession - Too Many Great (FREE) Ones To Choose From

I have recently become obsessed with Android Apps for my phone, a Droid 4. Usually, I go for the free apps, but have been willing to shell out a dollar here and there for great usability.

After reading PC Mags Article on the 100 Best Android Apps for 2013, I've been obsessed with my phones accessibility and usability through Apps.

I was already obsessed with using Google Calendars and Google Task Manager, to manage my day-to-day schedule and activities.

But now I've downloaded Plume, a twitter app alternate to Tweetdeck, which I am TOTALLY loyal to on my computer, but decided wasn't as user friendly on the phone. (For the life of me I can't figure out how to DM!) One App they failed to list in the article, that I think is an absolute necessity for any online shopper is Slice. It sync's to all your email accounts and lists, organizes, tracks and graphs all your online purchases. This has been incredibly useful to me, and I love it!!

There is now this FREE E-Book for Android users that tells you how to take better pictures with your phone... I've never been a big user of instagram, so taking photos wasn't really a big deal. But that is starting to change since I downloaded Photogrid..

Anyway, I ended up downloading so many apps, my phone slowed down, so I had to pick and choose and delete some.

My phone is running pretty well now (fingers crossed), that is, atleast until some other great (free!) app comes out.

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