Monday, July 15, 2013

Forever 30 - You Can Keep Your 20's To Yourself!


Shoes: Nine West, Polka Dot Romper: Forever 21, Satchel Purse: Forever 21

Today the weather is supposed to go up to 95 degress. So I wanted something breezy and comfy to wear while I ran my errands and went to appointments.

I opted for this breezer romper from Forever 21.

I am usually not a short shorts kinda person because they tend to ride up between my thighs. But these haven't been so bad.

There is like zero stretch to these. I ended up getting a 3x because the Forever 21 brand runs in junior sizes, and for some reason only their 3x's fit me right.

I paired it with a white belt, black wedges, silver accessories and a lime green (neon yellow) purse also from Forever 21.

IF you read the reviews on the purse, people say they have a hard time opening it. I have had no trouble at all opening mine. (which I'm thankful for). Not sure if they just don't know how to work a double clasp or if they fixed mine before it came out to me.

I wore these adorable (and HIGH) wedges from Nine West. They aren't high in terms of the arch, they are just high off of the ground due to the wedge. They make me sooo tall, it is almost funny.

But I love them nonetheless.

Well, I think it is about time to change my nail color. I colored my toes yellow, didn't care too much for the yellow looked so I didn't bother painting my fingers.

But, it is about time to change out the color, I will probably go back to my standard purplish pink, or perhaps I will try fiery red.

We'll see.

Take Care, J.L.

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