Monday, July 8, 2013

The Short City MuMu - Making Comfort Work


So, yeah, remember this post where I mentioned my uncertainty about the below dress?

Well, I decided to pull it out and wear it. It was hot today, and I wanted something light and floaty, but feminine at the same time.

I call this dress my City Mumu because that is basically how it is shapped: Like a MuMu.

There really is no definition in this dress except at the arms and top of the chest. But the design is so incredibly art deco, I had to figure out how to wear it out of the house.

Well, I decided to dress it up with wedges that were a similar dark purple as the shoulder piece, and some sunshine earrings I picked up from the thrift stores YEARS ago.

It was a simple look, but I liked it. PLUS, I was comfortable. The cotton is incredibly light and flows without clinging. Feels like it would great to wear for a day at the beach.

It is a bit long, hitting me below my knees (I'm 57"), but pairing it with some pretty high shoes takes away the shrinking effect the length of the dress may have on my height.


Dress: Eshakti (sold out), Shoes Payless (from years ago), Earring: Thrifted.

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