Monday, July 22, 2013

When I Was Finally Prepared - The Rain Didn't Fall

It was supposed to rain.

That is the only reason I wore my rain boots. But, it ended up being humid and sunny and hot, so my feet were burning up.  And I'm sure people just thought I was making a fashion statement by wearing rain boots.

I wore a matching animal print belt just to add some definition to my waist, but I don't know how I felt about how matchy matchy it was with my boots.

Oh Well..

So I ended up taking the bus and train all over the DC, Maryland area, as I had several appointments in different places. Good thing these boots are okay for walking long distances.

Although, I just bought I new car, I unfortunately, no longer have my license... (Hope to get it back soon), which is why I was on the bus and train.

The bright side is, I really didn't mind, as it meant I didn't have waste gas trying to find a parking spot and I didn't have to pay for parking...

Mesh Inset Dress: Asos / Boots from Lane Bryant (old) / Accessories: various

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