Saturday, July 13, 2013

Lingerie Review + An Abundance of Adult Onesies!!

First I'll review these two items:


Fashion Forms Go Bare Backless Strapless Push Up

Fashion Forms Nu Ultralite Bra

Pros: Great Concept. Needed product for the many backless and cut out back styles there are now a days. They work!! I was surprised, but they do indeed work, and they are relatively comfortable. I haven't tried them in a highly humid and sweaty environment, but during the summer when it is somewhat hot and humid they've done a pretty good job.
Cons: Fits small. ESPECIALLY the push up version. Comes in Small sizes. I am a tried and true C-cup. But bought a D-cup to be safe (the biggest cup they had) and they fit, but just barely. Also, they are sticky. They are supposed to be sticky, but peeling them off is kind of disgusting. Not something you'd want to do in front of someone else. Also, they don't last long. They are supposed to last up to 25 and 50 times, respectively, if all directions are followed PRECISELY, but who wants a bra with an expiration date?? They are pretty high maintenance. Hand wash, but don't soak in water, let air dry, Don't put lotions/oils on, etc, etc.
VERDICT: Buy if you wear a lot of backless / cut out dresses, have the money to splurge, or if you have a really special occasion. Otherwise, just safety pin a strapless bra to the inside of the shirt. Been there, done that, and it worked beautifully (as long as the shirt was fitted, if it is looser, better either going commando or indulging in this or a similar product)
I bought it and I don't regret it, but that is because I am going to put it to a lot of use. Otherwise it would have been a waste of money.
Image 1 of Sinstar Onesie All Over Logo Exclusive To ASOSImage 1 of New Look Maternity Butterfly Onesie

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