Saturday, July 13, 2013

Power To The People - Indulging In Black Art

I am actually a big admirer and collector of black art. Normally I stick with that which hangs on my walls, but I've decided to perhaps also start indulging in that which I wear on my body.

You know those Marilyn Monroe shirts, everyone and their Momma has? They are absolutely adorable, aren't they? The only thing about those is that, I'd much rather wear someone I can relate to and look up to. I guess it is the militant in me!!

That is why I decided to go to REDBUBBLE and invest in some home made art by a starving artist (at least that is the myth). Now I am not sure if the below artists are black or not, but I do love their screen prints which happen to be black icons.

I decided to purchase the below T-shirts in a girly fit. Top: Grace Jones, (by Kennypepermans  Middle: Power to the People (by Brev87), Bottom: Josephine Baker. (by Taiche)

Aren't these some great iconic images? I can't wait to receive these, and see how they fit and feel. Hopefully they are pretty good quality. We'll see.

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