Saturday, July 13, 2013

I Almost Broke Down In A Moment of Weakness - But I Perservered

Yep, I almost broke down and bought something else, but I didn't.

After seeing Chasity Valentine on her blog,  Garnerstyle, in the below cute matching top and pants ensemble, I almost broke down and bought it for myself.

But then I googled it, and saw some other people wearing it, and I didn't really care for how it looked on them so I changed my mind.

With a black belt to cut up the pattern, I thought that would be cutest (and most comfy) thing to wear to my friends wedding coming up in August.  But then I thought about it and realized that I am sure I already have a lot of cute things to wear to her wedding.

It is only happening once (I hope) so I only need one thing to wear. Although, I do like options.

I already planned to wear this cute MonifC peplum romper either to the wedding (which is in the evening) or to her bachelorette party.

I haven't yet decided, because it really depends on how hot it is outside. Due to the sleeves being 3/4 length and a somewhat heavy sheer chiffon.

I may wear this Asos Lace Cold Shoulder dress to her bachelorette party. I got it in a straight size 14, and it fits perfect. By the way, I'm normally an 18 (top/dresses/pants) / 20 (pants), NOT a 14.

Another option for her wedding is this cute cutout dress. But I'm not sure if this would be considered too sexy.. What are your thoughts??

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