Sunday, July 14, 2013

Hello, My Name is Jenna - Eloquii'd OUT!

 Dress: Eloquii, Shoes: BRASH by Payless, Belt: Eloquii, Bag: Eloquii

It's Hot... It Hot.. It's HOT out here,
there must be a Jenna in the atmosphere!!
Today, is CHURCH day... I wore this beautiful raw silk-like dress from the now defunct Eloquii.
I saw raw silk like, because it feels and looks like raw silk, but it is not, it's Polyester. Sort of takes the beauty out of the dress when you realize what fabric it is.
Regardless, I got this dress on sale, and I am glad I did.
It is a BEAUTIFUL dress, but I just don't feel like paying $100 + for any one piece in my closet, unless it is Armani or Versace or the likes. (Or perhaps an awesome shoe).
I wore a blue and green belt, also from Eloquii (on sale!!), some Gold accessories to compliment the gold in the belt, a blue and white purse also from Eloquii and these ADORABLE shoes from PAYLESS!!
I got these shoes from Payless (on sale of course) and they are incredible CUTE and relatively comfy, although pretty high, even for me.
There is no shame in my game when it comes to buying shoes. I love the Brash line at Payless, and best of all, they come in a size 12!! (I told you, I have big feet!).
I am Eloquii'd OUT!! What's not to like???

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