Monday, July 15, 2013

The Irony Of My Own Words + My Mid-Life Crisis

The irony of my own words.

First I say no spending, then in the next post I am talking about how I spent money on some T-shirts.

First I say that I am broke, then I talk about what "my check say".... what check!!??! Laughing!

Anyway, I am enjoying being a stay at home Mom for now. It is the summer and I get to spend time with my son. With me working so much, we only saw each other briefly in the morning and at night. Even some weekends I didn't really see him, because he would be outside playing and I would be stuck in front of my computer, logged into work.

It was a stressful job and I honestly don't want to go back.

But, I have no clue what else I want to do.

People are always saying "find what you love, then it won't be work." Well, I know what I want to do.  I want to open a somewhat high end Thrift store/consignment shop for plus sizes. I love thrifting and I love fashion. Why not combine the two?

The only problem is my credit is probably in the toilet due to my divorce. That is why I no longer buy things on credit. All cash or no buy!!

Some items I will put on credit cards, but I immediately pay them off. I just don't want that burden anymore. It probably doesn't look good on my credit to have no balances (contrary to popular belief you should actually maintain a small balance month to month on your credit cards to prove that you are a reliable payor - OH the irony!!).

When I got the divorce, he essentially, (no he actually) left me with everything. The house, the dogs and the debt. I ended up having to file for bankruptcy, because I also got really sick and my medical bills skyrocketed. It was too much on too little. I broke down.

I ended up going back to work, saving up some money and finally deciding that what I was doing was not for me. I cut down on some of my bills by giving one of the dogs to my ex, taking my son out of private school, selling some of my furniture, moving to the DC area to live with my parents, and deciding to put my old house on the market. When the house sells, I plan to get a simple 2 bedroom apartment. No more mortgage interest tax write-off's. I'll indeed miss that, but I won't miss the mortgage or the upkeep. There is something comforting about calling a landlord when something goes wrong versus having to either fix it yourself or dole out the money to get it fixed.

Homeownership is TOUGH!!

I haven't quite put the house on the market yet.. I want to clear all my stuff out of the house first. That requires getting movers and a storage area. I have to storage area, just have to get the movers and pack my stuff. It is just tough making that trip all the way back to _______ to pack up. I need to make it a two day trip and just go and do it. It is just really emotionally, mentally and physically draining trying to pack up a house as big as mine, on my own and professional packers are just not in my budget right now.

So that is where I am at with my life right now. The good thing is my parents house is relatively large, so that we don't feel like we are on top of each other or in each other's way. But, I really want to get out on my own. I am tired of being a "Boom-a-rang Baby". I want to be out on my own again.

I just haven't decided where I want to go from here....

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