Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Bags, Bags and More Bags: My Current Obsession

Can I EVER have enough bags?!?!?

No, I can't. 

So, see what I am currently obsessing over!!!

Jump From Paper - Scooter Bag

Jump From Paper - Play Hooky Bag

Nasty Gal - Jet Set Weekender
Nasty Gal - Night Journey Belt Bag

Nasty Gal - Checkmate Clutch

Nasty Gal - Eye Candy Tote

Nasty Gal - Flaming Red Lips Bag

Nasty Gal - Infinite Stud Satchel

Domino Dollhouse - Dropout Backpack

Domino Dollhouse - Smiley Face Backpack
Domino Dollhouse - Jelly Spike Bag

Hot Topic - Marvel Superhero Crossbody Bag

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