Saturday, September 7, 2013

Wingz Make Falls Transition Even Easier

NOT what I really wanted.
I've been looking for some universal way to transition my Spring and Summer clothes to Fall.  I hated wearing blazers and cardigans all the time, because then you can't see the dress. So as with past seasons, the obvious answer was a bodysuit. I found a well priced bodysuit on Amazon and went ahead and purchased it even though it was not what I really wanted.

BUT, the problem with this bodysuit is that it will cover me from hip to chin. What if my dress calls for a little cleavage. What if the mock necks starts to itch my neck. What if I just get HOT because of too many layers?

I thought I would have to settle until I came across a UK retailer that actually DOES have exactly what I'm looking for. They are called Wingz and they are fabulous!!
Wingz are one of those things you wish you thought up first. The construction is so simple, yet it is an amazing idea!!!

They come in US sizes 4 to 26 and lifting directly from the website:

Wingz™ are worn as an under garment. They comfortably fit under the bust and follow your bra line around the back.
This means you can wear your Wingz™ with any back or neckline!
The body of the Wingz™ are elasticated, soft and do not move around, ensuring ease of wear.
As Wingz™ do not add another layer to your outfit you can be assured of a cool comfortable wear.
Wingz™ push for style,comfort and confidence in the wearer. It's time to ditch those cardigans!

Amazing, Right?

Below are pictures of just a few of the different wings that are available. At first they are off putting if your not sure what they are for, but then when you realize they are an UNDERGARMENT, it all makes sense.


Black Viscose Flare Wingz™



Etinceler Black and Pink

Blue Fleurs Brillantes

Green Fleurs Brillantes

I've ordered 3 wings, all long sleeve. The black lace, the Black jersey and the white jersey. I figured that would be all I need to help transition those adorable sleeveless dresses I have to fall and maybe ever winter as well.

As well, as you can see above, they come in a multitude of colors, including multi-colored.

So go forth and shop!!

All prices are in British pounds so take that into account when you purchase. My total was about £50 GBP but it really ended up costing me about $80 USD due to shipping and the conversion rate.

I think these are a must for any fashionista. Can't wait to get them so that I can write a review. Let's hope it is all good!!!

Thanks for reading.

Jen L.

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