Sunday, September 15, 2013

Phillip Lim For Target and Other Stuff I Grabbed On The Way

Sooo, if you haven't heard, Phillip Lim is coming out with a capsule collection for Target. It is, of course (and apparently), a pretty big deal.

So, when I perused the lookbook last night after seeing a tweet from Allison Tang of Curvy Girl Chic that mentioned the collection would be available today, I was looking for fabulous pieces I couldn't do without. I didn't really see anything so I decided to go to sleep and forget about it.

Then when I woke up this morning, I got on twitter and some mentioned purchasing some items in excess and basically employing the buy-now-decide-later approach. So apparently the pieces were now available on the internet. SO I decided to go take a look.

I still wasn't that impressed. I actually struggled to find something I liked. There were a few no brainers like the Boom sweater and the animal print skirt, as well as the reverse Chambray button down for my son.

But others had me second guessing myself. Trying to figure out HOW I would wear them, or even IF I would wear them. So, I bought them anyway and figured I could always just return them.

I then kept thinking of the 3 items that people, particularly Chasity Valentine of Curvy Girl's Guide to Style, kept saying would work best for Plus Sizes. So I decided to go back and snag those items as well.

SO all in all I got 9 pieces, of which some may be returned...We'll see. Everything I got was an Extra Large or a 16. I Am usually an 18 on top and 18/20 on bottom. I can fit in some 14's or 16's if they are stretchy or loose.

After seeing tweets of people who actually stood in line at Target, I realized that not all of his stuff is available on the internet (which is where I do my shopping, I am not a good line-stander-inner or clothes-fighter-overer). Phew, because I don't want to buy anything else!!

In my opinion, some of the patterns were...cute I guess. Notihing in particular to write home about. But, I guess I was really buying it just for the name, not necessarily just the look. Basically, I bought those items that were CLEARLY stated, "I was made by Phillip Lim.."

Most people are indulging in the purses, I guess because those are clearly Phillip Lim as well, although they didn't really look any different than something I could get somewhere else. For me and thousands of Phillip Lim shoppers around the U.S. it was all in the name, not necessarily the product.

I feel ashamed even saying that out loud, but it's true. I am sure if some of these items were available under the Mossimo brand, they wouldn't sell out so quickly. I mean isn't that why we pay hundred's of dollars for a Coach, Prada or Chanel bag?? For the name. You can blah about construction, quality etc, but really, it is for the name.

Well, while I was perusing Target's website last night, waiting for the Phillip Lim Collection to become available (I had no clue on the timing because 12am came and passed and it still wasn't available), I came across some pretty good deals and some really cute items under Target's other brands like Merona, Mossimo and Labworks.

I immediately snatched them up (or rather added them to my cart) because I thought they may have been accidentally overlooked, and once the internet traffic began to hit due to the debut of Phillip Lim's line they might be snathed up as well. So I proceeded to checkout with my cheap bounty of forgotten treasures. Below is what I was able to sneak away with last night:

FYI, this sunny yellow trench was on clearance for $17.00!!

So that means I have some more stuff coming to me in the mail. About 4 packages from Target, Maybe even  more because it looks like they divided up some of my shipments for some reason.

Man-Oh-Man I thought I was done with this.  Oh well, guess not.

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