Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Just Something Interesting

This piece of art has been stationed outside my therapists office for I don't know how long.

At first it was a bright, shiny metal color, then it became a bit rusted and then for the longest time it became rusted and bronzed.

Eventually, someone decided to paint it white (Which was probably just a base color, but it ended up staying that way for a while) then finally it was painted orange and yellow.

I kind of always wanted to take a picture of it because it is quite interesting. As well, it is the only piece of art for miles around, which is kind of awkward and weird.

Why put it here in this particular office area? Who made it? Did anyone commission it or is it just a donation? What does it mean? Does it have any significance to the types of offices that are located near it?

There are so many questions that go through my mind every time I walk past this structure. I guess I could always ask my therapist if she knows anything about it, but I guess the best part of enjoying art is having the ability to question it....

So I just stare at it occasionally, enjoy it and walk on.

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