Sunday, September 15, 2013

Phew!! And It's Still Early

After the excitement and the rush of partaking in LimSanity aka Phillip Lim's collaboration with Target, I knew I wanted to wear something comfy today.

No real plans do anything special except to go grocery shopping. Since the mail doesn't come on Sundays, I have a break from receiving any boxes.

I've had this 3/4 sleeve cream colored silk jacket for about 3 years. I am in absolute love with it, but the weather has to be just right to wear it. Not too hot and not too cold.

AS I mentioned on Twitter yesterday I was trying to find something to wear with my COOL necklace without reverting to wearing all black. Well I think I succeeded.

This outfit was VERY comfortable but actually very had to come by. I couldn't find the right pair of shoes. Nothing was matching the jacket AND the necklace. Everything off-white had gold accents or the collar didn't hang right to show off the necklace.

This particular WILD THING shirt kept calling for me from the closet but I refused to try it on, because I just assumed it wouldn't look right. Guess I was wrong.

I decided to go with these  faux snakeskin sneakers, just because I've been wanting to wear them, and I figured now was the chance.

They kind of blend into the concrete, don't they?

The do make my feet look a bit long, but what can I say, I wear a size 12 in woman's, so therefore  I do HAVE a long foot.

Our roses seem to be hanging on. They seem pretty resilient.

Oh,  I forgot to mention my bag. I am wearing the below mustard colored bag. I figured it goes with the design on the shirt. I wasn't really trying to match up my shoes. Especially since they seem to look a lot like concrete.

The dogs get quiet when I go outside to take pictures. It's like they know I need to concentrate.

Well, that is basically what I'm wearing today. Nothing particularly fabulous, but still (somewhat?) stylish.

Well, I hope all is well with everyone.

Let me know if you engaged in LimSanity at all in store or over the Internet. I'd love to hear what you bought and what your experience was like.

Take Care

Jen L.

Jacket: Boutique Larrieux / Shirt: Asos /  Jeans: Michael Kors / Shoes: Barefoot Tess

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