Wednesday, September 11, 2013

SALE: Domino Dollhouse

Domino Dollhouse

Domino Dollhouse is having an INCREDIBLE sale on their Nuclear Seasons Collection.

50% off the entire Nuclear Seasons collection!! 
No Code Needed!!

I already bought the Bomber Jacket and the Metallic Spandex skirt a while back for close to full price (I most likely used some sort of coupon) so unfortunately I missed out. But I don't regret the purchases at all, because they are soooo nice and well made.

But tonight, as soon as I heard about the sale (about 4am this morning via a very quiet twitter), I immediately typed my way to the website and scooped up some more great finds that I didn't have the nerve to get because of the price. But now that they are on sale, IT IS ALL GOOD!!! I had to get them now because with prices like what is listed, they will be sold out soon..

Plus, you know I can't resist a good sale.

So head on over to and Shop, Save and be Merry.

Good luck!!


Jen L.

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