Saturday, September 14, 2013

Our Attire Usually Says More Than We Mean

I remember wearing this shirt once, and an older black woman approached me and said "I'm GLAD that you're free.


It made me think of all the stuff people are saying and or proudly proclaiming by way of their attire.
I'm sure the lady felt I was proclaiming my freedom from slavery or perhaps my freedom as an american citizen... Who knows and I didn't ask.

People are wearing skulls, upside down crosses and historical figures such as Che Guevara, on their shirts without truly what these symbols mean or what their significance to history was.

That is why I am pretty careful about what symbols and faces I wear. Preferring to wear symbols and items that represent me and what I'm about.
I refuse to wear anything of which I am unaware of the meaning, or the true meaning is unknown or controversial.

But that is just me.

People have the right to wear what they want, when they want to wear it and be as ignorant about it as they please. It is a fee country.

It is just that, personally,  I prefer to KNOW what it is I am wearing and in a way representing and proclaiming by way of my clothes. It makes feel more comfortable to know that I am being knowledgeable and responsible with my clothing choices.

But again, that is just me.
 Well, these are my accessories. Extra Large Safety Pin Earrings, and a spiked cuff. Very controversial huh?
 I also wore my wedge sneaker boots.
 My Marvel bag was packed already so I carried that. I am truly starting to fall in love with this bag. I don't know why but it is so different. Definitely one of my better purchases.

So that's it for today oufit. I've got quiet a few errands to run including the MVA which I just came back from. So I wanted something comfortable and warm to wear since it is only going to hit the low 70's today. I chose layers, just in case..

Gentle Hugs To All Who Need Them.

Thanks for reading

Take Care

Jen L 

Shirt: Unknown / Holographic Leggings: Asos / Wedges: Lane Bryant / 
Jewelry: Hot Topic, Chameleon and Asos

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