Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Absolutely Fabulous, If I Do Say So Myself!!!

Vested Blazer - Big Beauty X Jean Marc Philippe  /  Tank Top: Asos /  Leggings; Domino Dollhouse / Jewelry: Various

I hate to float my own boat, but I think this outfit is adorable.

 This was a remarkably comfortable outfit. My only complaint was that the leggings weren't longer. But other than that, I really had fun in this outfit although I had to be careful while wearing the white.

 I love that you can wear the vest open

Or you can wear the vest closed, with a single button

 I absolutely adore the structured shoulders, and the vest has four pockets!!! Two that Zip close on your higher hip and two normal blazer pockets on the lower hip.

This is really a fabulous blazer and I don't regret buying it at all....

This is a closeup of the most fabulous vested blazer ever!! It is from french blogger Stephanie Zwicky 's Line with Jean Marc Philippe.

The line is called Big Beauty x JPM. My favorite pieces were this vest and the tuxedo pants. But I only bought the vest, as I'm not rich you know!! I still like my sales.

Now For Accessories

Silver Spike Earrings c.o Domino Dollhouse. ( Aren't they fab?)

 Satchel from ShopChameleon.

Shoes from Lane Bryant (featured on the blog before)

Necklace from Unknown.

As always, Thanks for reading!!

And I'd appreciate it is you'd leave a comment on your throughts about outfits, my opinions or my blog in general. I love to hear suggestions on what I could be doing better.

Thanks again!!

Jen L.

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  1. Okay, so now those earrings and cap toe shoes are too stinkin cute. I saw the cap toe shoes in Lane Bryant and wanted the neon ones but they never had my size and they were on sale too. That sucked! :O( lol Great post, babe!


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