Monday, September 9, 2013

Orange and Green - A Lovely Combination!!

Today was a sweats and T-shirt day. I am sure you didn't care to see that, so I didn't take any pictures. Although I took a picture of my Coach Sneakers and Smiley face backpack from Domino Dollhouse and posted them on instagram. So if you're curious enough,  you can head over to and take a look!!

However, I did take pictures of what I am wearing this evening to eat at a restaurant.

I had no clue what to wear so I asked my mother to just pick a color, ANY color.

She chose Orange.

So Orange it was...
I knew I had this orange blazer but I really don't know what possessed me to pair it with this green dress.

The start of the day was a bit tough, which made it hard to smile in these pictures at toward the end of the day.

But soon, I started remembering how much I like to dress up and the smile came a little easier with each shot.

I love the color of this dress, but the way the skirt is, it emphasizes my belly. I guess it also doesn't help that this dress is a size 16.

I'm usually an 18, but while in the hospital, there wasn't any ways to exercise, but LOTS of ways to eat (Food Galore) so my belly kind of blew up.
I don't really mind. It is my belly, and it is going to show no matter WHAT I wear right now.
I'll just deal with it by hitting up the gym or doing some pilates.

WHen putting this outfit together, I actually had no idea what shoes I was going to wear.

But then I remembered these gorgeous heels by Brash.

I think the outfit came together pretty nicely. Not often do you see orange and green together except for a sports team.

I wore gold necklace and pink, orange and gold earrings. Sorry, I didn't get a shot of them. The picture kept getting blurry.

The shoes I'm wearing are quite high, but are lovely to wear. They don't hurt, they are actually quite comfortable, just a bit awkward to get used to because of the height. Especially when going DOWN a cobble paved hill. (I had to do that at the Bridal Shower - which is the last time I wore these)

But aren't they adorable??

That's about it.

Oh!! Check my interview out on The Chronicles of a Fatshionista. I am the blogger of the week!!! Isn't that exciting!?!?!

I think I may have been a bit too honest in my interview, but hey can't take it back now!!!

As always, gentle hugs to all who need them and thanks for reading.

Until next time

Jen. L

Blazer: Lane Bryant / Dress: Eloquii / Shoes: Brash by Payless

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