Sunday, September 8, 2013

Rule Breaker - Thick Chicks And Crop Tops

So as you may know, it has been going around the blogosphere that many of the archaic rules of plus size fashion are being thrown out the window.

One of these rules is the often dreaded CROP TOP!!!

Well, I refuse to judge (sometimes) and I've tried by best to never say "never". (most times)

So when I finally received this top in the mail, I was actually delighted at the way it looked and felt.
Only thing is, it was a CROP TOP!!!

I knew this well before I bought it, so I was prepared to make the leap. I had decided when I pushed that "add to cart" button that one of these days (didn't know when) I was going to be a thick chick wearing a CROP TOP!!

And that day happens to be today.

My belly isn't flat, in fact, it is actually pretty lumpy. There are rolls, and stretch marks and all sorts of goodies I've been hiding beneath my shirts and dresses.

But today, I decided to let them all out to play. I have put myself and my belly on display and in a way am saying "Eff your beauty standard....:This is me, take it or leave it!"

In a way it was empowering and invigorating.
Like my mullet? LOL. I need to get my hair trimmed....

SO far,  I haven't gotten any weird looks or any side-eyes.
No laughing or snickering.
People just went about their day, one women even stopping me to say she liked my shirt.

So today has been pretty good so far. Although, the only place I've  gone so this morning is to the 24 hour pharmacy down the road to pick up a few essentials.
I also have a meeting with my psychiatrist, and I just have this thought that he will put in his notes about me: "Patient does not know how to dress appropriately".

No, he wouldn't say that. He is a very nice man, and quite open to different ideas and lifestyles. I guess you have to be to be a psychiatrist??

Well, now onto the shoes...Oh man these shoes!!
They need a blog post of their own!!
I've had these shoes for like a year and never wore them even though I am in absolute love with them.
As I mentioned before in a previous blog post, I am obsessed with spikes and studs, and these fit the bill perfectly.

After seeing Kellie B of the blog  And I get dressed faithfully wearing her black pair, I decided to finally just pull them out and put them on in and stop waiting for that special moment..
I feel these went great with my outfit and completed my ensemble of "fashion rebel".

So what are your thoughts on thick girls wearing crop tops?

Like them? Dislike them? or You refuse to judge?

Regardless, I'm wearing one and I'm proud of myself.

Plus isn't this shirt completely adorable???
Not sure if my eyes are closed or if I'm just looking down. One of the problems with having small eyes.

Always, sending my love, and thanks for reading!!!

Jen L.

** UPDATE: I've gotten nothing but compliments all day on my outfit. People stopping to tell me they love my outfit, they love the shirt, they love the shoes. Even my psychiatrist said my shirt was very cute. It has been an absolutely amazing day!!!**

Crop Top: Asos/ Skinny Stilleto Jeans: Torrid / Spiked Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell

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