Thursday, September 19, 2013

When The Clock Strikes Twelve, Changes Begin Happening

Welcome, Welcome, Welcome!!!

As you can see, I've renamed my blog (AGAIN!!).  It's cool to revamp your style everynow and then, right?

I decided it was time that I go back to what I know and love, basically back to my roots.

Some of you may remember my original blog from 2008/ 2009 was named Stop, You're Broke Blog, but was under the blogger address literal gemini.

I went through many changes, deleting my blog twice, all the while keeping my social media name literal gemini because I felt that best described me.

Eventually, I decided to start a new blog and named it

Well, I decided no one needed to (and probably wanted to) know about what annoyed me about myself and life.

I mean we all have enough drama, why bring more to the plate??

SO, I decided to change up the format and just make this a happy, intriguing, but also informative place to come.

So the name and motto of my blog is now simply:

I will talk about fashion, but I will talk about life and how I live it. I will talk about size acceptance, I will do reviews, I will even talk about health.

This blog will not just be dedicated to fashion but also to living. The motto IS Fashion and Living, right?

So,  thank you all for coming by and reading and supporting and commenting and liking and all of that good stuff. I truly appreciate it.

If you feel like it, you can read the short blurb on my About Literal Gemini page to learn more.

Make sure to visit my Links Galore page for some interesting sites to visit on the web.

And last, but definitely not least, make sure to read my contact page to find other places on the web that I may be lurking (twitter is my fav!)

So thanks again...and happy reading!!!

Jen L. aka Literal Gemini

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