Friday, September 13, 2013

Finally, Separates featuring De-mes-tik's New York

This is finally a post about wearing separates. This is the second skirt I bought from Demestiks New York on Etsy.

You may have remembered the first skirt I wore a few weeks ago that was a similar shape, but only the design was different and it was much more orange.

Well, as pretty as this skirt is, I am a little annoyed that I had to wear a black shirt.
I mean black was so obvious.
 I almost wore a white crop top, but the way the waist band hits me, it wasn't too flattering for my love handles, so nixed it.
 Also, the skirt has an incredibly thin waist band. So I added the belt to emphazise my waist and the transition between the top and the skirt.

I didn't have anything else to pair with it. It didn't look right with lime green although there is lime green in the skirt. So I just settled on black. It wasn't my first choice, but it still came out nice.
 Do I look happy???

 My beautiful gold and ribbon weaved necklace. I have no clear where I got this. SORRY?!?!

My shoes, which I've worn before on the blog.
 Don't mind the cracked toe nail polish... Definitely time for a pedicure. But I just can't find the time.

Also my purse that I paired with the outfit. I am going to try to remember to feature my purses as well.
They are just so great, and many times can make the outfit.

SO, as always, thanks for reading!!

Gentle Hugs to all who need them.

Take Care,

Jen L.

Skirt: DeMesTiks New York via Etsy / Top: Macys /
Belt: Asos / Shoes: Nine West /  Bag: Betsy Johnson

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