Monday, September 16, 2013

My Cast Is Cooler Than Your Cast

My foot cast is cooler than your cast!!!
I call him Bootsey for short....

Yeah, that is a foot cast aka Boot dressed up as a baller (LOL).

Where did this hideous thing come from between yesterday and today?

Well, I hurt the joint of my toe a couple months back. I am not sure if I blogged about it or not. Well, my orthopaedic gave me some painkillers that helped ease the pain. So like the stubborn person I am, I decided I didn't need the boot anymore and chucked it to the side.

Well, it was working for a while...that is until I ran out of painkillers and can't remember my orthopaedics phone number. So I might just have to go down to his office and make an appointment there.

Anyway, below is what I wore today. The pic looks a bit shoddy because it was taken with my camera phone and posted on instagram since I didn't think I was going to post anything on the blog.

But I decided to go ahead and write something, because that is how I do. I like to keep people informed. :~)

As you may have noticed, yesterday I wore flats. Well, that is because my toe was starting to act up. Well, today I couldn't stand the pain so I decided to just put the boot back on.

The most interesting thing about my outfit (besides the boot) was this body chain I wore under my black and white cardigan. I really liked it and thought it looked pretty cool. I'm not sure if I liked it with my conservatively casual outfit, but I just had to wear it because it has been sitting around for weeks.

Well, if your interested in the outfit at all, here are the stats.

The tank is Asos, The Cardigan is Torrid, The Jeans are Michael Kors, the origin of the Body Chain is unknown, and the flip flop (one flip flop) is my mothers (I wore one to balance out the boot - ugh!!)


I got lots of goodies today in the mail, 
The crumple of clothes at the to right of the picture isn't underwear, it is actually a package of "sleeves" aka Wingz that I received, but opened before I took the picture. I'll do a review on them soon.

This included my Big Beauty x Jean Macr Philippe Vested Blazer which fit PERFECTLY!!

As well as three new bags.

The studded Jelly bag from Domino Dollhouse
View of Bag From Website
It is such better quality than I thought it would be. The material is pretty thick and sturdy and it comes with a little matching blue bag inside.

A studded large bag from Nasty Gal
Better View From Website

When I opened up the package, all I could say was 
"Well, Well, Well...Lookie here, now isn't THIS a beaut!"
I swear that is exactly what I said! I'm such an old soul, or perhaps just a nerd!

As well as a black and white striped satchel from Chameleon.
I plan to use this bag with my outfit tomorrow.


I have the most awesome outfit picked out for tomorrow but I'm not sure whether I will be able to bear the shoes. I may be able to since the heel is pretty short. I'll just limp everywhere I go.

Okay, well that is it, I hope all is well with everyone.

Here is my son wearing my "BOSS" necklace. I think it looks better on him than it does on me, don't you think so???? 

As always, Thanks for reading!!

Jen L.

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