Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Orange Is The New Black

I've personally, never seen the show. But I absolutely love the color orange, so if orange is indeed the new black, I am all for it!

Also, sorry for the shoddy pics, I took these in the evening and forgot to put on the flash.

Today, was my first day at PHP (Partial Hospitalization Program).
It is basically a hospital day treatment program that mirrors the groups we have inside the hospital.

 I hate being depressed. I try not dress like it, because perhaps, dressing up would be considered an interest of mine. But when I have no where to go, I am usually laying around in sweats and a tank top.

Today was relatively cool, with the weather topping out at around 83 degrees. This means the hospital would be especially cold...and I was right. That is why I chose to wear jeans and a blazer.
 I was still somewhat cold during the program and contemplated wrapping myself in one of the soft cuddly blankets they had available, but decided against it. I wasn't THAT comfortable yet.
If I had had a car, I would have left before the whole thing started, that is how nervous I was.
But I stuck it out through the whole program. But I was the first person out of the door.
I didn't wait to socialize. I really didn't feel like it.

I really love this blazer. I got it from eShakti's overstock. Oh, I truly hope they don't change their name to something cheesy. I think that would turn a lot of customer's off.

Anyway, this blazer has an amazing print. It has small black circles with orange stripes going throught it. I have a matching skirt to go with it, but I'd rather wear them seperately as I think together it might be too much print.

Since it is past labor day, Fashion rules dictated that white shoes and white handbags are to be stored away for the season. I know fashion rules are to be broken, but this is one I kind of stick to for a reason. I'm not quite sure why.

So instead I wore a brown fringed bag and orange heels. (I forgot to take a pic of the bag, and am now too lazy to do so)

 I also wore white and gold diamong earrings along with this white and gold  owl I got from a friend.  It is way more gorgeous in person that it is in pictures.
So, basically that was my day.

So now, I plan to cuddle under the blankets of my bed, stroll the blogosphere and hibernate until morning.

Please don;t mind me, I am still working through my depression, so compassion for my inability to really do anything productive would be appreciated...


Thanks for reading

Jen L.

Jacket: Eshakti /  Blouse: Eloquii /  Jeans: Asos Curve / Shoes: J. Renee / Owl Necklace: Gift

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