Thursday, September 19, 2013

Flying Into Fall With Wingz - OOTD and Review

Jumper: MICHAEL Michael Kors /  Sleeves: Wingz Fashion / 
Booties: Dolce Vita via Barefoot Tess

Remember the post in which I talked about this new product I found over in the UK called Wingz? If not, CLICK HERE!

Well, I ordered some, 1 lace black, 1 regular black and 1 regular white.

With the Weather hitting only lower 70's today, I knew I wanted something on my arms, but I also still wanted to wear a few of the pieces in my closet that I didn't get a chance to wear in spring or summer.

Specifally, this jumpsuit by Michael Kors:

As you can see it has no sleeves. But it has a nice zippered neckline that I wanted to keep.
So that is where Wingz came to the rescue.

As mentioned before, they fit almost like a bralette with sleeves and only 1/3 of a bra cup.
So they allow you to wear all types of necklines while still getting the sleeve coverage of a regular shirt or bodysuit.

In general they worked, but there were a few problems that I ran into with them.


  1. They allowed me to wear full coverage sleeves with an originally sleeveless jumpsuit.So it will allow me transition some of my favorite spring and summer pieces seamlessly in fall and winter.
  2. They kept me cool. I didn't overheat because they only covered where my bra was and no where else. So I was at a comfortable temperature all day and avoided feeling like I had too many layers on.
  3. They allow you to keep the integrity of the style of the outfit. Wingz don't outshine the outfit they just make it long sleeve, allowing you to keep the shape of the outfit and the neckline as it was intended.
  4. They come in a lot of different sleeve shapes (that would cater for larger arms), a lot of sizes (up to US size 26) and a lot of colors.
  5. After I rigged them a bit (see Helpful Suggestions) they were fine for most of the day. I just had to make a few readjustments  because I felt a little self-conscious that they might not be covering my shoulder entirely. But, for the most part I was comfortable and forgot they were there.
  6. They have INCREDIBLE customer service. (That can't be overlooked)


  1. They are awkward to handle. When I initially put them on, I was constantly readjusting them so that skin didn't show between the armhole, shoulder and the jumpsuit.
  2. I wasn't sure if  the size I got (Size 2 - US 16-20) was too big because they weren't tight enough on my shoulders or back to stay put.
  3. I wasn't sure if they were too small, because the sleeve didn't stretch as much as I thought it would.  So anyone with bigger arms than me would have a huge problem getting them on.
  4. The sleeves weren't as long as I would have liked them. (which is why they are pushed up on my arm). Even the size tall is relatively short.
  5. They are relatively expensive costing about $25 USD per piece. This isn't really a bad price point, just something to keep in mind.

 Helpful Suggestions:
  1. Instead of making the chest band one continuous fabric covered elastic piece, perhaps make it stretchy and adjustable with hooks, just like a bra band. That way it would stay put better and not ride up on your back. I had to intertwine the back of mine with my bra band in order to keep it from popping up to the top of my back.
  2. Put a little more spandex or stretch cotton in the sleeves. They were kind of tight when I initially put them on. They stretched out to fit me over the course of the day, but what happens when I wash them? What happens for those individuals with larger arms?
  3. Put a bra holder in the shoulder area so that you can attach the shoulder piece to your bra band. This will help keep it up all day and prevent it from slipping down your shoulder even a little bit as it tended to do.
  4. Make the sleeves longer!!

  1. These are an especially good investment piece for fall and winter, I just wish they were made a little bit more thoughtfully.
  2. I don't regret my purchase of them, but do hope they take helpful suggestions from their customers into consideration when they decide to make more Wingz or expand their line.
  3. I do recommend them over the plain body suit, as they are comfortable and prevent you from having unneeded layering and discomfort.
  4. I think this is an awesome idea, that just needs a little bit of tweeking to be perfect.

I plan to email the company and let them know I reviewed their item, so that perhaps they can take my suggestions into consideration. *crosses fingers*. So, we'll see.

In the meantime check out Wingz Fashion just to get an idea of what they have, and let me know your thougts on the products?

As always, thanks for looking, reading and commenting.

Gentle Hugs!!

Jen L.

Disclaimer: These items were bought with my own money, with no knowledge by Wingz Fashion that I would review them publicly. The above stated opinions are my own and have not been persuaded either way in any form or fashion, or by any individual or company!

*UPDATE* I emailed Wingz about their product. They seem very receptive to suggestions for their product.  Below is their initial response. I'll update if I get any more emails:

Hi Jennifer,

Many thanks for the email and for reviewing Wingz.

Having such detailed, constructive and unbiased (we didn't send you the
wingz free of charge) feedback is very valuable to us.

I have copied this email to Michelle who is the inventor and designer at
Wingzfashion. Once she has reviewed your blog I am sure that she will
respond with her comments.

Thanks once again for taking an interest in Wingz and for the valuable and kind remarks


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  1. Thank You for the feedback Jeniffer. I am always trying to improve Wingz and this kind of criticism is very constructive for me..THANK YOU xxx


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