Thursday, September 12, 2013

Comic Sans: Some May Think I'm Too Honest

Wore this today. I know I was supposed to wear separates but I couldn't help myself!!
But separates it will be tomorrow.

This comic print dress and my purse and jewelry gave a lot of little homages to comic book fans.

This is the design on the dress. Yep, it is upside down. My only pet-peeve about this dress. It looks like I going around with MOM on my dress instead of WOW.... Oh well. They could have planned better when cutting the fabric.

I wore it with Marvel superhero bag

I took this pic in the morning which is why it is so bright and blurry. 

This is the spike and gem belt from Asos, that I wore to emphasize my waist.

I wore blue sparkly flats because I had to take the train and bus and didn't want my feet to hurt.

 I got A LOT of compliments today. People were so very interested in my outfit, the pattern and the way I put everything together.

I even wore Wonderwoman accessories. Like arm cuffs...

And Wonderwoman earrings.

These things did not go unnoticed by alot of the commenters. They thought it was pretty cool.

 Well, I didn't get to go into the originaly topic of being too honest.

But basically, alot of bloggers refuse to divulge things about their personal life.

I am so not like that. I do divdulge. I mean tthere IS a certain amount of privacy I keep, but things I feel can help people with their own day to day issues, I have no problem sharing.

Especially when it comes to my illness. I want to take the stigma away, and show people that Depression can hit pretty close to home without them knowing it.

Well, As always, thanks for reading.

Jen L. 

Dress: Torrid / Belt: Asos Curve / 
Handbag: Hot Topic / Shoes: Payless / Earrings: Unknown

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